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Whether you are too busy enjoying the summer fun, or maybe it is just getting to hard to get time away from work to give your lawn the TLC it needs, Yardly has got you covered. One simple step and you can have your lawn maintained all summer long. Pick from weekly or bi-weekly services and get lawn care at a schedule that works for you.

Lawn Mowing services are available to all of Yardly's service areas including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, and surrounding areas.

Weekly Mowing

Starting at


per visit

  • Get your lawn cut every week
  • Best way to keep your lawn neat and healthy
  • Clippings mulched by default
  • Include bagging of clippings for an additional charge
  • Billed Monthly
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Bi-weekly Mowing

Starting at


per visit

  • Get your lawn cut every second week
  • Cost-effective when your lawn grows slowly
  • Clippings bagged by default
  • Billed Monthly
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Lawn Care subscriptions are available?

Yardly currently offers three levels of lawn mowing plans to suit your full season property maintenance needs. Whether you just need basic weekly lawn mowing, or you are looking to include all the essential lawn maintenance services such as spring clean ups, fall clean ups, fertilization, or power edging, we have the solution for you. For greater saving bundle Lawn Care and Snow Removal Subscriptions together!

  • Basic Plan - Get your grass cut and trimmed once a week from May to September. This is the simplest way to keep your lawn looking neat and healthy. Clippings are mulched, so all the nutrients are kept on your lawn. If you choose to have your grass clippings bagged, a bagging fee will apply.
  • Standard Plan - For the same monthly price at the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan covers all your lawn maintenance needs from April to October. It bundles a Spring Clean Up, a Fall Clean Up, and Monthly Edging to your Weekly Mowing and Trimming to give you a healthy lawn all year round.
  • Complete Plan - Starting with a Spring Clean Up and a Spring Fertilization in April, followed with Weekly Lawn Mowing all summer, Fertilization, and ending with a Fall Clean Up with Core Aeration in October. The Complete Plan covers everything you need to have a beautiful lawn all year long.

Can I customize my Lawn Care subscription?

Yes, you can! Even though the best deal comes with packaged Lawn Care Subscriptions, we do allow you to customize based on what works best for your lawn. You can go ahead and customize your plan and see the prices here.

Is one-time mowing or vacation mowing available?

No, unfortunately, Yardly does not offer one-time or vacation lawn mowing service as we specialize in long-term, full season maintenance.

If you are going on vacation for the summer, we recommend signing up for our recurring lawn mowing plans. The commitment starts from just one month and you can get a quote, pay and manage your services all online, so you can rest assured that your lawn is taken care of properly while you are enjoying your vacation away.

What’s included in each lawn mowing service visit?

Each lawn mowing service visit includes:

  • Mowing - Professional grass cutting on all the turf surfaces to standard cutting height of 2.5 to 3 inches
  • Trimming - Grass trimming along all of the edges of the turf surfaces
  • Blowing - Loose clippings will be blown off driveways and walkways
  • Mulched Clippings - Clippings are mulched by default for all Lawn Care Subscriptions for the best health of your lawn. Clippings are cut into fine pieces that fall easily onto the soil surface and rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients back into the soil. If you request bagging, additional charges will apply.

What's included in the Fertilization Service?

Fertilization will occur once every 4 to 6 weeks. Our granular fertilization application will build stronger grassroots and blades, and strengthen the lawn against weed growth.

How does payment work?

We only accept credit cards and you can choose to pay every month or prepay for the whole season in a lump sum if you order at the beginning of the season. You will be billed on the first of each month of your order.

Why should I sign up for Automatic Annual Renewal?

With Automatic Annual Renewal, on a Basic Subscription, your billing will stop at the end of September and resumes the following May. On a Standard or Complete Subscription, your billing will stop at the end of October and resume the following April. Automatic Annual Renewal has many benefits such as:

  • $10 savings every month
  • Keep the same monthly rate year after year
  • Ensures your services are scheduled before the season starts

How does Yardly quote my yard?

The price of each service is based on extensive market research of local market pricing.Don’t worry about having to set up an appointment for a contractor to come to your property to give you a quote, we offer quotes within seconds using satellite imaging to determine the size of the area that needs to be mowed. You can get an instant estimate of your price here.

What if my grass is overgrown?

If your grass is over 6” long, you will be charged a surcharge to compensate for the additional time needed for the job and additional wear and tear on the equipment. Please review our list of potential surcharges and cancellation policy.

How can I get free lawn mowing service?

If you enjoy our lawn mowing service, give your friend a free trial lawn mow with Yardly and you'll get a free lawn mow as well! Not only do you help them take care of their yard, but you also get rewarded as a Yardly customer. You can learn more about our Referral Program here.

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