Snow Removal Services are available between October 15 and April 15.

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* A Yardly Independent Service Provider will be dispatched within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling.

* You will receive snow removal any time it snows over 1cm (max 1 visit per day).

Ice Control

Opting out of Ice Control increases the risk of slips and falls due to ice on your property. Yardly and its Independent Service Providers assume no liability for incidents caused by ice left on your property.

If there is a significant amount of ice built up, you may request this ice to be removed. Ice removal is charged at an hourly rate and can be requested in the noted section below.

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    Possible Surcharges

    Ice Melt Application

    In the case that there is ice remaining on the surface areas after snow removal, ice melt may be applied at the discresion of the Yardly Service Provider. Ice melt is priced at $1 per pound used to create a reasonably safe, walkable surface area.

    Driving Fee

    If a Yardly Independent Service Provider arrives at your property and is unable to complete the work due to circumstances out of their control (not including weather), a minimum callout fee of $15 is applied to all orders.

    Ice Removal

    Ice removal is priced at $60 per hour and is only performed at the request of the customer.

    Storm Factor

    For SnowWatch and On Demand Users: Please be advised that prices will vary during extreme weather conditions based on, but not limited to, the Yardly Storm Factor. After the first 10 cm of freshly accumulated snow, each additional 10 cm of snow will add a multiplier to the job's base rate. The measurement done on site by the Yardly Independent Service Providers or the records, warnings, and forecasts of Environment Canada for the location nearest the premises will be utilized to determine classification.
    Storm FactorPricing
    Under 10cmBase Rate
    10-19.9cmx 2
    20-29.9cmx 3
    Over 30cmx 4

    Packed Snow

    Yardly’s Service Providers are instructed to remove all snow down to concrete surfaces whenever possible. Packed snow that has accumulated from previous snowfalls that requires removal will add a 0.5x multiplier to the job’s base rate. This surcharge applies to On Demand orders and the first order for new Monthly and Vacation Watch services only.

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