Keep your lawn green and tidy in just a few clicks!

Edmonton summers are time for festivals and roadtrips, with K-Days coming and the mountains calling, why waste time doing chores? Whether your mower broke down and you need grass cutting until you can replace it, or you'd like recurring lawn maintenance for the summer, Yardly has you covered. Simply order from our website or phone, and you can have your lawn cut within 24 hours.

Lawn mowing services are available on the Yardly platform from May 1 to September 30 every year. Yardly services most surrounding municipalities of the Capital Region including the City of Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, and Beaumont, as well as selected areas in Strathcona County, Parkland County, Leduc County and Sturgeon County.

What are your options?

Yardly currently offers multiple lawn mowing service plans for both short-term and long-term needs. We now offer full season bundling discounts for our long-term customers looking to include spring clean ups, fall clean ups, or fertilization with their regular lawn mowing service.

Yardly currently offers multiple lawn mowing service plans:

Full Season Services

Bundle a Spring Clean Up or Fall Clean Up to your Full Season lawn service for discounts.

Short Term Services

What's included in your service?

Each lawn mowing service includes:

Typical mowing area include turf areas in the front yard, back yard, front and side boulevard, and rear alley if applicable. Please specify the lawn mowing area that suits your needs!

What add-ons does Yardly offer?

What's not included in your service?

The below services are not included in a typical lawn mowing service visit, and may cause surcharges or service delays.

How does Yardly determine pricing?

Yardly determines the price for each of our services based on extensive market research of local market pricing. Lawn mowing price is based on the size of the area that needs to be mowed. If you don't know your lawn size, don't worry! Just make your best guess when you order, and we will verify it and let you know if the size is off. Contact us now if you would like to know the accurate pricing.

Weekly Mowing Plan (priced per visit and billed monthly*) Include bagging of clippings for additional charge
  1. 1500 sqft $ 31
  2. 2500 sqft $ 35
  3. 3500 sqft $ 39
  4. 4500 sqft $ 43
  5. 5500 sqft $ 47
  6. 6500 sqft $ 51
  7. 7500 sqft $ 55
  8. 8500 sqft $ 59
Bi-weekly Mowing Plan (priced per visit and billed monthly*)
  1. 1500 sqft $ 49
  2. 2500 sqft $ 54
  3. 3500 sqft $ 59
  4. 4500 sqft $ 64
  5. 5500 sqft $ 69
  6. 6500 sqft $ 74
  7. 7500 sqft $ 79
  8. 8500 sqft $ 84
Flexcut Mowing Plan (Priced and billed per visit)
  1. 1500 sqft $ 53
  2. 2500 sqft $ 59
  3. 3500 sqft $ 65
  4. 4500 sqft $ 71
  5. 5500 sqft $ 77
  6. 6500 sqft $ 83
  7. 7500 sqft $ 89
  8. 8500 sqft $ 95
Express Service (Priced and billed per visit)
  1. 1500 sqft $ 73
  2. 2500 sqft $ 79
  3. 3500 sqft $ 85
  4. 4500 sqft $ 91
  5. 5500 sqft $ 97
  6. 6500 sqft $ 103
  7. 7500 sqft $ 109
  8. 8500 sqft $ 115

For the list of potential surcharge and our cancellation policy, please visit here. For full service details, please visit the service guidelines.

Why choose Yardly?

Unmatched peace of mind - Yardly carefully vets and screens all Independent Service Providers working on the platform, to ensure they are capable of performing your services to the highest standard. All Independent Service Providers working on the platform are local companies and contractors that are insured with Commercial Liability insurance and have been cleared with a Criminal Record check. They are also rated by customers after each service, and only Providers rated higher than 4.0 are working on the platform, ensuring you can receive the best lawn mowing service possible.

Customer Experience - Yardly strives to provide an unmatched customer experience. We offer multiple service plans to meet your specific needs, have seamless order processing through web or phone, and ensure your property is left in a safe condition upon completing your service. If you have any questions or concerns with your service we are reachable through our website chat, phone, or email!

Pictures sent right to your phone - On vacation and away from the home? Managing several rental properties? Photos before and after each lawn care service are taken by Yardly Independent Service Providers, and stored on the Yardly server. Upon request, Yardly can send photos of all completed lawn care services right to your email so that you can make sure that your lawn was cut exactly the way you wanted it, from wherever you happen to be.