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Become A Yardly Partner

Earn money on your own terms while providing beautiful lawns for your friends, neighbors, and communities.

Get Started

A Day In The Life

Decide When You Want To Work

Feel like working? Pick a time that’s right for you.

Open The App And Accept A Job

Browse through available jobs close to you and accept one.

Complete The Job

Complete the lawn care job you pick and upload a picture of your work.

Get Paid

Your earnings get deposited directly into your account at the end of every other week.

Why Partner With Yardly?

Make More Money

Lawn care is a competitive industry. Yardly finds customers in your area for you so that you spend less time driving and more time making money.

Cut The Red Tape

No one enjoys the hassle of advertising, customer service, and invoicing. Let us handle that for you so that you can focus on running your business.

We're On Your Schedule

Balancing work with life can be a challenge. Yardly lets you work as much or as little as you like and assigns work to you accordingly.

Become A Partner Today

Requirements & Applying

How do I become a Yardly service partner?
Simply fill out the partner application form and a Yardly representative will contact you shortly. Each applicant is individually vetted by Yardly for competency, reliability, and character.
What documents and requirements are mandatory for all applicants?
All Yardly service partners must submit identification documents, eligibility to work documents, and undergo a criminal background check. All Yardly service partners must also have an iPhone or Android phone and all necessary equipment to mow lawns.
What is Yardly Pro and how can I sign up for it?
Yardly Pro is our premium service for customers that have specifically requested a licensed contractor service their property. To become a Pro partner, you will need $2 million General Liability Insurance.
Do I need insurance or a business license?
No. You only need insurance and a business license if you would like to become a Yardly Pro partner.
Do I have to be a part of an established company to work as a Yardly service partner?
No. Anyone who successfully completes our vetting process can work as a Yardly service partner?
Do I have to work full-time to be a Yardly service partner?
No. Yardly service partners get to set their own hours and work as much, or as little as they please.

Using the App

Where can I get the partner app?
After you complete the application process, a download link will be emailed to you as well as a welcome package that contains tutorials, guides, and quizzes for service partners.
Do I need the app to work as a service partner?
Yes. The app is the only way to browse and accept jobs. It is available on both iPhone and Android devices and can be browsed on mobile phones and tablets.
How do I browse and accept jobs?
The queue page contains a list of all of the jobs available in your area, including the addresses and neighborhood locations of each available job, the size of the property, and the money you would earn upon completion of the job. To accept a job, simply select it from the job queue page.
How do I take before and after photos using the app?
Once you’ve accepted a job on the job queue page, you will be required to take before and after photos to start and complete the job. This is done in-app on the specific job page, which can be viewed on the ‘Accepted’ Page in the app menu.
Can I communicate with Yardly using the app?
Not currently. Yardly is currently in the process of building and integrating an instant messenger within the app that will allow service partners to communicate with our partner support representatives within the app.

Doing the Work

Do I have to work full time or certain set hours?
No. Yardly lets you work as much or as little as you like and you choose when you want to work.
How long do I have to complete a task?
All Yardly job must be completed within 6 hours of receiving the order.
What order information do I get from Yardly?
Yardly provides you with the address, area, price, service type, property type, and additional details/customer specifications for each job.
Is there anything I need to complete before I can begin accepting jobs?
After your application is accepted, you will be sent a welcome package that includes Yardly quality standards, primers on best practices, and competency quizzes. Yardly service partners will not be able to begin working until they successfully work through the welcome package.
Why do I need to take before and after photos of any work done?
Before and after photos are required both for your protection and the customer’s convenience. Before photos should be taken of any existing damage on the customer’s property
Do I have to handle negotiation, payment, invoicing, or customer services?
No, Yardly does all of that for you. All you have to do is select and complete whatever jobs you would like to work on.

Incidents & Issues

What should I do if the customer’s order doesn’t match the property type?
Yardly customers generally provide honest and accurate descriptions of their properties. If there are any discrepancies, please take a picture of the property and contact Yardly. We will contact the customer on your behalf and adjust the price and order type accordingly.
What should I do if I’m having issues with the app?
You may send an email with your query to partners@yardly.ca and a Yardly Partner Support Representative will be in touch with you shortly.
What is the best way to contact Yardly if I have any questions about completing a job?
Each Yardly service partner receives contact information for a dedicated partner support representative who can assist you with any questions you might have about completing a job.
What do I do if there are obstructions on the customer’s property that are preventing me from completing my work?
Removing obstructions and hindrances to work is the customer’s responsibility. Take a photograph of the obstruction and contact Yardly. We will speak to the customer on your behalf.
How do I report an issue I’m having with a job, a customer, or anything else?
The service partner app lets you submit a ticket about any issues you’re having. Yardly’s partner support team will contact you shortly thereafter.

Getting Paid

How do I get paid?
Once your application has been processed and you’ve been accepted, you must submit a direct deposit form or void cheque to Yardly. We use to direct deposit to send your earnings directly to your bank account.
Does Yardly take a commission?
Yes. Yardly takes a 30% commission for all regular service partners and a 25% commission for all Yardly Pro Service Partners.
How often do I get paid?
Yardly service partners get their earnings directly deposited into their bank accounts on a weekly basis.
How do I report my income taxes as a Yardly service partner?
Yardly service partners are not employees of Yardly. They are independent contractors and responsible for reporting their income taxes as such.

Contracts & Agreements

Can I read the Independent Contractor Agreement before applying?
Absolutely. The full agreement can be found here.

Have More Questions?

Contact Support:

1‑855‑688‑8277 partners@yardly.ca

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